Friday, June 19, 2015

A Southern Girl's Guide to: A New Series

Once I finish my organization series, I plan on starting this one. It's called A Southern Girl's Guide to and it's going to be random tips. Some of the ones I plan on writing include

a) Moving
b) Redecorating
c) Southern Weather
d) Studying
e) Using a planner

I'm hoping for at least 10 posts in this series, but it also depends on the number of reads and the number of requests I receive for other topics. The new series will also include pictures. (Yay!) While I post this series, I will also be making over the blog so that I can get my dream look.

I'm aware that I haven't posted too many opinion pieces recently, and that's mostly because I haven't had much to review. I'm hoping to post two opinions to one tip, but I may post mostly tips until I gain a larger following.

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