75 Things to Do Before I Graduate

This is my list of 75 things to do between now (the summer before my sophomore year) and my high school graduation. I'll update and add to it as time passes. I decided on 75 because I want to do 25 things a year, so I went ahead and decided to leave off freshman year.
  1. Become a vegetarian
  2. Attend a masquerade
  3. See Sleeping with Sirens in concert
  4. Learn fluent French
  5. Be able to do a 10-minute wall sit
  6. Read 365 books in a year
  7. Learn how to play the flute
  8. Get my license
  9. Learn to surf
  10. Hike the entire Appalachian Trail
  11. Go to prom
  12. Visit Paris, France
  13. See All Time Low live
  14. Learn how to skateboard
  15. Eat a healthy breakfast every day
  16. Take a photo every day for a year
  17. Own every flavor of EOS lip balm
  18. Work out everyday
  19. Get my ears pierced
  20. Work at Hot Topic
  21. Learn fluent German
  22. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  23. Go shopping every day for a week
  24. Go to the Renaissance Festival
  25. Go to ComicCon
  26. See a Broadway play
  27. Run a 5-minute mile
  28. Take kissing photos in a photobooth
  29. Only drink water and tea for a month
  30. Become vegan
  31. Intern at To Write Love on Her Arms
  32. Own a pair of Doc Martens
  33. Visit a graveyard at night
  34. Have a build-a-bear with two hearts
  35. Have a mud fight
  36. Go on a stargazing date
  37. Play the Walmart game
  38. Own a 96 color eyeshadow palette
  39. Go to six flags
  40. Make out with pop rocks in my mouth
  41. Write a love letter
  42. Kiss under a waterfall
  43. Kiss underwater
  44. Go zip lining
  45. Not be single on Valentine's Day
  46. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in 24 hours
  47. Own a varsity jacket
  48. Complete a scrapbook
  49. Go jetskiing
  50. Kiss in the rain
  51. Watch the sunset from inside the Eiffel Tower
  52. Be able to do the splits
  53. Visit Disneyland Paris