Thursday, June 25, 2015

Guest Posts Now In Demand

I'm currently looking for featured bloggers to guest post on my blog. Soon, I will open a page with all of this information, along with anything else I feel is needed.

Types of guest posts I'm looking for:

  • Reviews
  • Organization
  • Study tips
However, I am open to many other ideas!

Submission form:

Blog(s) you write for:
Post Title:
Actual Post:


Name: Dean Winchester
Blog: (If this is an actual Supernatural blog, I will be very happy)
Post Title: What is Wrong with Sammy?
Tags: #sonofabitch #Sam (You don't have to use the hashtags. I just like comedic effect.)
Actual post: So Sam is a demon and Cas is not helping. At least my Impala is okay. *long rant about demons and Sam and Cas and there is no actual correlation between the events*
(I also realize that Dean would not write a blog post like this either-as if he would have a blog in the first place!)

If you are interested in guest blogging for me, either PM me on Google+ or email me at (this is why you don't create an email at the age of 12!) We can further discuss your post and when I would like it done by. 

Disclaimer: I will not store or use your email after your post is published. However, if you wish for me to leave you in my contacts because you have questions or want to post another time, just let me know.