About Me

Started December 2014 as a way to put my opinions out there.

 I'm Elizabeth, and I'm going to be a freshman at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I'm studying aerospace engineering, but God's plan could end up being drastically different. I started blogging about six years ago when one of my friends told me about her blog. (Ironically, it used to be this domain!) I just wanted to share my thoughts and ideas, as the character limit for Twitter is silly, and Facebook is just for keeping up with family. I'm hoping I can continue this blog beyond college. I've kept it all through high school, so that's promising.

Most of my social media is going to remain private until I am officially in college for safety reasons. However, you can find my instagram and pinterest on my contact page (here).

I work as an assistant swim coach for my summer league team, and I wouldn't trade this for the world! I also do various volunteer work throughout the year, particularly at local historic homes.

Some of my favorite things include music, food, swimming, and Supernatural. As a type-A personality, I also really really love being organized. My favorite sport to watch is NHL hockey (I've been a fan all my life!), but my favorite sport to participate it in is swimming without a doubt. I'm captivated by the ocean and space- there is so much beyond us, if we only dare to look.

I've started reading the Game of Thrones novels, and I'm enjoying them so far! I have to say that Dany is my favorite, but Jon is pretty awesome too. I have no plans on watching the show until I finish the books- I don't want my visions of the series to be lost after I start watching.

I'm always open to talk, and if there's anything else you would like to know, just comment!