Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: Blogilates

I've been using Blogilates workout videos for about two years now. Cassey is so optimistic and her videos are without a doubt effective, but she's also body shamed, and not really apologized for it. Granted, she was trying to state her opinion on their eating habits, but some of her wording was not the nicest. However, I digress. This is meant to be about how effective her videos and meal plans truly are.

Her workouts:

 I prefer her song videos, such as this one, over her full 10-15 minute long workouts. There are exceptions however-her Victoria's Secret workouts are challenging but fun at the same time. Contradictory, I know. A usual workout, for me, is a cardio warmup, an ab workout, a butt workout, the prom dress workout, the primadonna pushup challenge, and finally any aspect of her Victoria's secret workout series. This, done about two to three times a week, has kept me in decent condition when my sport is in the "off-season," meaning those couple of months in between school season and regular season. While my sport is in season, I only do this about once a week.
I will note that some of her workouts can be extremely challenging, especially if you aren't in shape (believe it or not, I've been there), and she has said that a few are difficult, even for her.

Workout rating:
Effectiveness: 4.5/5
Innovation: 4/5
Total: 8.5/10

Summary: Not too bad! Her workouts have really helped me to tone up, and the majority are creative with cute titles (Abominable Abdominals, anyone?)

Her meal plans:

I'm about to start her 90 day meal plan, with some modifications to the calorie and carb intake due to sports. Keep an eye out for a new page about it!
Her 90 day meal plan is where you eat clean for 90 days. Of course, there are birthdays and some of my friends are graduating during this time, so I will deviate from her plan to allow for that. Her other plans sound extremely restrictive and I do not recommend those. To avoid writing a novel before I even begin the plan, just be wary to not become obsessive about calorie count, as it can lead to disordered eating. Eating disorders are not fun, not pretty, and are hell to recover from. One of my friends is finally recovered, and she still has situations where she easily could relapse.

Oh my, I really changed topic with the meal plan one, and I apologize for that, however, I also feel like that needed to be said. As I previously stated, keep an eye out for a new page that tells about this plan, what I like, what I don't, and how well it's helping me on my goal of toning up and staying in shape for my sport.

In summary, Cassey is not too terrible. There are parts of blogilates I enjoy, just as there are parts that I think are questionable, just like with every other fitness blog I know of. If you like some of her things, do that! If you don't, cool! It's just another plate being served at the world's largest (albeit fitness) buffet.

(Alex Gaskarth quote being modified because I wanted to use it)