Sunday, March 27, 2016

How I Stay Organized

Organized Time:
My life is a mess of deadlines and papers, so I developed a system for keeping me organized. Part of that is my MintGreen planner, as seen here. I also use Google Calendar, Google Keep, and plenty of Post-it Notes. I put all deadlines in Google Calendar and color code them by event. I use Google Keep for to-do lists with reminders, as well as for lists I need on both my phone and laptop. Post-it notes are stuck throughout my planner to remind me of blog posts or generic things I need to do.

Organized Makeup/Nail Polish
I use an acrylic container with one large section, two medium sections, two small sections, and three sections for lipstick and travel sized perfume.
In the first small section, I keep all of my eyeshadow palettes, and my eyeliner, mascara, and stick eyeshadow go into the first mini section. The second mini section holds tweezers, nail clippers,and nail files. The final mini section has my lipstick, lip gloss, and travel perfume. The small section in front of the small and mini sections holds all of my brushes.
The large section holds my powder and nail polish remover. The two medium sections next to the large section hold my nail polish in one and my foundation, concealer, and blush in the other.

Organized Backpack
How I organize my backpack can be found here.

If there's anything else you want to know, leave a comment!