Monday, May 07, 2018

A Week in the Life (April 9)

I'm so sorry for the delay, but here's my first of many blog posts before the end of the year!

I went to school and attended a scholarship meeting for my upcoming freshman year.
While at school, I spent most of my time writing for the school newspaper as well as researching topics for my English paper.

I went to school (again) and this time finished my articles for the paper and began to design an outline for my paper. I also wrote and edited more blog posts, so there should be approximately 5 more coming out in the next two weeks or so! I've got a lot of school work going on this month, so I have to write as much as I can when I get the time!

While at school, I made my prom and graduation nail appointments, as well as decided on my graduation hair and makeup. I also went to work after school. Not exactly eventful.

I didn't really do anything besides school, so there's nothing interesting here, sadly.

Friday was prom, so I didn't go to school at all. I had brunch in the morning, then went to get my nails done. I then had lunch before rushing to my hair and makeup which ended up taking an extra hour. I ended up booking it to my pictures, but it worked out, so the stress was only temporary (but there was still a lot of it…) I'm still waiting to get my prom photos back, but I know they're going to be great! 
After prom, I headed to my friend's house to watch The Greatest Showman and sleep over. Granted, it was like 2 am by the time I went to sleep, but it's technically Friday night, right?

I woke up around 10 and got ready to go into work by 1:30. Yep, I had to work the day after prom. It kind of sucked, but at least I didn't have any medical emergencies or saves.

May Goals

My goals for this month are pretty simple because I'm not planning on doing too many things.

Here's my brief list:
  • Finish my senior year with a 4.0
  • Get at least a 4 on the AP lit exam
  • Pass by CLEP tests and get A's on the UAH essays
  • Enjoy graduation and orientation!
  • Spend more time with my dogs and friends
  • Gain 5 new Arbonne clients
  • Make at least $100 from Arbonne in order to offset the price of becoming a consultant

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Links I Love (03/15)

  1. 10 Ways to Be Environmentally Conscious on Campus (Her Campus)

Most people who know me know that I'm fairly big on sustainability  and eco-friendliness. I try to recycle often and use less plastic. I'm also trying to cut out palm oil because of the destruction caused within the rainforest. However, I'm going to end up being at a cross-roads in college, trying to navigate helping the environment while on a small budget, and this article was a big help in new ways to do it.

This one is just plain #relatable. We all acknowledge that middle school was a rough time, but at least we can laugh about it now. It's only funny because we all did it.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Sales = happy me!!

Also if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with college packing lists, college dorm hauls, and college move in day vlogs. This one is probably my favorite because I'm staying in the South for college, so I'm not going to need bulky winter clothes, just a few pairs of jeans and a couple of sweatshirts. I think that it's just more realistic based on my {very} southern life.

This also relates to the previous link, but this one is for everything else. Most of my family who went to college were commuters, so they don't have a lot of advice in way of what to bring to college. This way, I get practical advice from someone who's been there in terms of how to decide if it's really worth it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring Cleaning Part 1

With spring (and college!) just around the corner, spring cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Especially with having divorced parents, duplicate items abound.

I've taken a bag to goodwill about every 3 weeks for the past couple of months, but progress on that front began to stall not long before my birthday. I did manage one final bag in the past month, though.

I forgot to get some true before pictures of my room, but it's honestly such a mess. The sad thing about it all is that I've been taking small stabs at cleaning, but I never made a big enough improvement to actually make much of a difference. At least, until this week. My goal is to stagger out the cleaning here until it's finished by the end of spring break, but I'm attempting to make the biggest difference before it even starts. Two weeks seems like more than enough time, especially when it's broken down into little chunks like this.

Cleaning Schedule:

Sunday March 11: Deep clean bathroom
Monday March 12:  N/A
Tuesday March 13: Go through dresser and closet, making piles for goodwill, poshmark, and keep. I'll have to make a list of the clothing I need before college as well. I can't survive on two pairs of jeans and 4 pairs of shorts.
Wednesday March 14: Closet drawers and the miscellaneous containers on the closet floor. I honestly don't even know what's in most of them, which is probably a bad sign…
Thursday March 15: Vacuum floor, wash mirrors and windows
Friday March 16: N/A
Saturday March 17: Shelf beside the dresser
Sunday March 18: Catch-up day
Monday March 19: N/A
Tuesday March 20: Top shelf
Wednesday March 21: take recycling
Thursday March 22: N/A
Friday March 23: N/A
Saturday March 24: Clean off next shelf down
Sunday March 25: Continue cleaning off those two shelves
Monday March 26: Clean off bottom shelf
Tuesday March 27: Catch up day
Wednesday March 28: Under bed
Thursday March 29: Deep clean room and bathroom
Friday March 30: N/A
Saturday March 31: Take everything to goodwill
Sunday April 1: DONE!

Cover photo made with Canva | This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own. | All photos are my own.

Monday, October 16, 2017

On Feminism, Misandry, Gender Roles, and the infamous MRS degree, Among Other Things

Disclaimer: this is not meant to bash any opinion, but rather my take on both sides. I see merit within both, and so hopefully this is taken as an honest criticism of two demographics I am a part of.

Although I wholly identify as a feminist, I have always chosen for myself a more traditional path. I am lucky- my boyfriend doesn't bat an eye at this. He understands that everyone has a calling, and it might not always be a calling that brings money in droves. 

  My biggest issue has been finding a community. Many Christian women alienate single or childless women, especially those who feel called to serve our Lord outside the home. I believe that God has given us all unique gifts, and thus not everyone needs to be a parent. Egalitarian Christian women are the closest thing to a community for me, but it still is not a perfect fit. This is where feminism comes in. Although feminism is currently designed to be a concept that supports women's choices, many misandrists hide themselves under the guise of third-wave feminism. Not only is it unacceptable, but it's just plain wrong. Some women want to dedicate themselves to their family. There is nothing wrong with that. Not all women will be mothers and not all women will work in a conventional sense. We need to take a step back. God's got this, y'all. 

  With this lack of community comes the reminder that I don't fit within defined boxes. "Well, at least you know she's not getting her MRS degree." I never quite know how to respond anytime someone says this to my parents, because, sorry Momma, but that's kinda what I'm doing. I am going into a STEM field out of passion for science and exploration, but the caveat is, if I didn't have so many cheap/free options, I likely would not be going to college. I cannot justify going into debt for something that I'll only be reaping the benefits of for a couple of years. My future job is mostly going to be there for extra money so I can stay at home with my future kids and get a good job should something happen financially. (Also maintaining my job in a military family is a daunting task I don't believe I'll ever be prepared for.)

  My belief in equality shows up in my actions: supporting charities like the Malala Fund, petitioning members of Congress to pass better parental leave laws, and, most of all, supporting women's choices. (This is not a post meant to shame or belittle; it is only my experience within certain circles.)

I have always felt called to motherhood, but, surprisingly, it was only through God (and a much deeper exploration of feminism) that I became much more comfortable in my future role. It's not something that I feel is for everyone, but I feel it is right for me. I have prayed to God for clarity as well as discussed this with my boyfriend (who has already given me his word on marriage) and I now feel as if that is His plan. Do I know why He has chosen me, a feminist Christian, for this duty? No, but I do have ideas as to why He kept encouraging me to consider it. Do I know it will turn out for the greater good, despite how difficult it will be? Yes.

Which brings me to Awaken the Dawn and the Women's March. The Women's March had a good idea: a woman holds the power of the world in her hands, and when many come together, it creates something that cannot be ignored. Among other things, the Women's March stood for the rights of the women who have been belitted, raped, or abused and are forced to suffer while the person who took something invaluable from them gets off relatively free. Even with God's ever-loving grace, recovery is a long road, which is something I can personally attest to. Awaken the Dawn prayed for these evil men (although there are women who do these things as well, I'm not entirely sure anyone prayed for them) and their repentance. Both of these are good things. However, many women at Awaken the Dawn have felt as if the (now infamous) hats from the Women's March are contradictory. As a feminist, I do not think womanhood is inherently tied to your reproductive organs (example: those who are intersex but feel either more manly or womanly), but I also feel that, in trying to reclaim our personhood after abuse/rape/assault, we relate the two. Obviously I cannot speak for every woman on this issue, but there seems to be something off about it, which some women from Awaken the Dawn have pointed out in many an article (washington post, anyone?). The Women's March was a reaction built upon United States history, one repeated this month at Awaken the Dawn. Maybe they aren't so different after all. Ladies, the ball is, and has always been, in our court. May we never forget it.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

I'm a Her Campus High School Ambassador??!

Yes, you read that right! I'm officially a HC HSA! I have already submitted my first two assignments and I'm working on my third. I'll still be posting to this blog, but it might be interrupted because of my HSA duties. I'm super excited to have this opportunity, and will tell more about it as I get deeper into the program.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

30 Day Back to School Challenge Day 7: Daily Routine

Wow, it's hard to believe that I've been working on this challenge for a week now! My daily routine during the school year depends on the day because of work, but if there isn't work that day, here is how it goes!

7:00 am: Wake up, get dressed, and eat breakfast
7:30 am: Leave for school
8:00 am: School starts
3:15 pm: Leave school
3:45 pm: Eat a snack and start homework
6:30 pm: Eat dinner
8:30 pm: Get ready for bed
9:00 pm: Finish homework/check social media and plan out blog posts
9:30-10:00 pm: Go to bed

Monday, July 31, 2017

30 Day Back to School Challenge Day 5: Favorite Study Snack

My personal favorite study snack is a store-bought one, unfortunately. When I have long study sessions, it's hard to get up and make something THEN still have time to eat it. I'll usually just eat some Sabra classic hummus with whole wheat pita bread. Even if the pita bread doesn't taste as good as authentic pita bread, it's still a quick, delicious, healthy snack.

I'm sorry for this one being so short, but I really don't have a lot to say when there's no recipe to attach!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

30 Day Back to School Challenge Day 4: Study Essentials

My study essentials are fairly bare-bones in the studyblr world, but here is my list

Physical Items:

  • Planner (I prefer the MintGreen brand, but most of my friends like Lilly Pulitzer.)
  • Black ink pens (PaperMate profile)
  • Colorful felt-tip pens (PaperMate flair)
  • Highlighters
  • Post-it notes
  • Post-it tabs
  • 5 subject notebook
  • Looseleaf paper
  • Graph paper
  • Index cards
  • Sharpies
There you go! This is a complete list of everything I use to study for all of my classes! I hope it's useful!