Saturday, March 14, 2015

Class Binder Organization

I only need two binders for my four classes I'm in this semester. One teacher makes our binders be a certain way, the other couldn't care less. And, as it always goes, the teacher who is strict about our binders does it in a way that doesn't work for me or any of my friends. My history binder (the teacher who doesn't care) is much more organized, and far more efficient for me.

I use a white 1.5" binder (I get a different color for each class) and an 8 pack of dividers. I currently only use 5 of the 8, because I plan on using the remaining dividers closer to the final. I have the syllabus first, with some loose-leaf paper behind it, just in case I need it. Then, I have my dividers. The first divider is for the History Herald, which details each week as we get to it. I go back and refer to them to collect the vocab and main points when I'm studying for a test. The second divider is for printed out copies of the powerpoints. I don't use this divider as much, primarily because I type notes on my laptop. It's only useful if you miss a day, but I have friends who swear by taking notes on printed out copies of the powerpoints. My third divider is for my notes over the textbook. Not a fun section, but by far one of the most necessary. The fourth and fifth are for classwork and homework (read: essays), respectively. I keep my flashcards or study materials I'm working on in the interior pocket.

You may be wondering what I do with my typed notes. I honestly leave them on my laptop. I compile the notes over the lecture with my notes from the book and upload them into one document that I send to the entire class. (Classic overachiever me.)

If you have any more questions or a comment, feel free to post below!