Saturday, March 07, 2015

(Re) Organizing the Bedroom-Intro and Week 1

This is, rather unfortunately, not the first time I've had to reorganize my bedroom. Last week, I literally just sat in the floor and threw away a TON of stuff. The bad part is, I can still only see about 60% of the floor that doesn't have furniture on it. For the next 8-ish weeks, I plan on decluttering, reorganizing, and cleaning my room. 

Since today is day/week 1, I'm going to be taking a bunch of pictures of the after and decluttering. I'll upload my pictures next week, as I don't have my USB cable with me to transfer my pictures over.

I'm using A Bowl Full of Lemons, Organized Charm, and iHeart Organizing to help me with clever organizing ideas.

Basically, I've spent about 8 hours today, sorting through all my books, separating them into piles: sell, donate to goodwill, and keep, and my floor is almost entirely clutter free, along with my closet. All that I have left to declutter are my dressers and under my bed. I plan on doing that tomorrow morning, as soon as I get up. 

I currently have two large bags full for Goodwill, along with three medium sized canvas bags of books to sell on eBay. That's not even including the trash.

Week 1: Declutter
Week 2: Take inventory of storage and make list of storage needed.
Week 3: Buy or DIY the storage needed
Week 4: Organize the dressers and nightstand
Week 5: Organize the books, movies, and CDs
Week 6: Organize the craft supplies
Week 7: Organize the closet
Week 8: Clean!

UPDATE: I have everything de-cluttered, except for under the bed. I don't exactly have a way to get under there, along with a third Goodwill bag. I can't wait to see how the remaining weeks go!