Saturday, July 29, 2017

30 Day Challenge Day 3: What's in My Bag?

My backpack is a North face Surge. I got mine from either Academy or Dick's freshman year, but I know they're sold on Amazon now.

In the first pocket, I keep my laptop in the laptop sleeve and a folder for important papers. This section isn't too large, so I try to avoid anything that would tug at the seam.

The second pocket is the largest by far and is where I keep my notebook, binders, planner, and pencil pouch. It gets full fast when you're taking all honors and AP!

The third pocket is a small one with the built-in mesh organizers. I keep my laptop charger, some extra index cards, and a small bottle of contact solution here.

Finally, in the front, there are three pockets. The horizontal one across the top has my headphones and extra tampons, while the vertical ones hold my calculator and phone. I keep them in different pockets to prevent me from pulling out the wrong electronic during class.

My backpack is pretty standard, but I'd rather have a standard backpack than one loaded to the brim so often that I develop back pain!

(An earlier version of this was posted here.)