Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Back to School

I don't start back to school for another two weeks, yet I've already done my school supply shopping. I've bought a new MintGreen planner (in Walmart and Target stores only), and with senior year creeping up on me, I know it's going to become even more useful than it already has been.

I consider myself among the lucky because I already know which schools I'm applying to and what my intended major is going to be, but at the same time, that knowledge is also more anxiety-filled. The application for my top choice opens up August 1, so now I can only pray that I get in.

Life is going to be chaotic until about December, but I'm okay with that. I'll soon be going on to greater things, so for now, I'll enjoy what I have. Feel free to comment any senior year or college advice below! I'll put my favorites in a post in a couple of weeks.