Friday, July 28, 2017

Senior Year Bucketlist

This is my bucketlist for senior year (which will end with my senior trip seeing as some of this can't be done during the school year!)
  1.  Go on a road trip
  2.  Get accepted into college
  3.  Go on a stargazing date
  4.  Graduate!
  5.  Host a Christmas party
  6.  Attend a Halloween party
  7.  Lean calligraphy
  8.  Make a senior scrapbook
  9.  Make a high school memories quilt
  10.  Own a trench coat
  11.  Get my ears pierced
  12.  Go ziplining
  13.  Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day
  14.  Get a tattoo
  15.  Run a 5k
  16.  Go to the local drive-in
  17.  Complete the 30 day senior photo challenge
  18.  Attend a masquerade
  19.  Become a vegetarian
  20.  Go shopping every day for a week
  21.  Find my personal style