Saturday, July 18, 2015

Top Five Collegiate Blogs to Follow

Even though I'm only a sophomore, I follow several collegiates because their study tips are golden. My school treats us like we are older than we really are, which means that we have to shape up and learn what works and what doesn't. To help y'all out, I've compiled a list of my favorite blogs.

1. Mostly Morgan by Morgan Timm
Mostly Morgan is a lifestyle blog (kind of like mine!) but she also talks a lot about blogging. Some of her posts inspired me to include an about me and a contact me page. (The contact me page is a work in progress.) Her Collegiate Guide and her posts tabbed studying are absolutely amazing.
Favorite posts from her:
The Ultimate Guide to Finals
The Collegiates Guide to Taking Notes
Collegiate's Guide to Saving Money

2. My Life as Hayden by Hayden Lee
Hayden is a rising junior in college at Troy University in Alabama. Her cooler diys (found in her cross bar) are easy to follow. If I make one, I'll be sure to post how it went. Her best posts are her "How to Survive Your Dorm Room" series. Here's all the links-in order, of course
Dorm Room Closet
Dorm Bathroom
Your Bed
Everything Else

3. Organized Charm by Kirsten Horton
Although Kirsten is not a technical collegiate, she was recently in grad school. She really helped me and one of my best friends stay organized last year. She was also one of the first blogs I followed when I decided to start blogging again.
Index Card Assignment Timeline
Standardized Test Studying
Bloom's Taxonomy for Studying

4. Prep Avenue by Shannon
I've recently discovered Prep Avenue through pinterest (as I did most of these blogs!) and might I say, I'm in love! Besides the packing lists (which I'm including for any collegiate readers' sakes), I also really love her tutorial for creating monogrammed stickers. Although the program she used is no longer available, it is still a useful tool.
The 10 Most Forgotten Things
College Packing List (Updated Version)
BONUS: Monogrammed Stickers

5. The Pink and Green Prep
Although The Pink and Green Prep will no longer be updated, there is so much useful information on the site. I enjoy her "what's in my bag?" and what to wear posts. These are her two most recent What to Wears.
What to Wear: Sorority Formal
What to Wear: Basketball Game
What's in My Bag