Friday, July 24, 2015

Wisdom Teeth Part 2

"Okay, so my whole experience was not rainbows. I refused anything but liquids for awhile and struggled to open my mouth, but I'm doing better. (The timing of this paragraph is Friday night, in case you were wondering.) My mom made a Taco Bell run because, even if I can't have tortillas, I wanted a bean burrito.
According to my doctor, the weekend will be the worst. Joy. I'm finally starting to feel better and behave normally. I can't fully open my mouth yet, but I'm also still swollen."

I haven't taken medicine since the writing of that. I went back to the surgeon to get checked up and the holes rinsed out. I missed the cup a couple of times and spit water and blood all over myself. I'm healing pretty well, but still can't have crunchy foods. I can start eating them again in about two weeks. I'm really excited about that.

More advice: Your gums are gonna bleed a bit after you rinse your mouth. That's normal. Don't sweat it. But try to open your mouth or it will literally freeze that way. It's not going to be as bad as you think it's gonna be, so enjoy those smoothies and milkshakes.