Monday, October 12, 2015

On SEC Football

Important Information:
O1: I'm Southern, born and raised.
O2: But I'm not a football fan.
O3: At all.

I went to my second-ever SEC game this past Saturday. (The first time, I was like 5.) The atmosphere is like at any other sporting event, thank goodness, but I got so confused trying to watch the game. It's really fun, though, especially since it was a rivalry game. After the game, I slept for at least an hour in the backseat. Seriously, just watching sports is tiring. I don't know how they play for that long!

Also, I'm not a fan of the team I went to watch. I'm a fan of our other local SEC team, so I was hoping Georgia would win. My blood does not run orange. (Unless we're talking Auburn, friends don't let friends wear orange.)

Whoops, I went off topic there. The game itself is super fun to be at, even though I was confused most of the time. 10/10 do recommend, especially if you are tailgating sober (but I'm not 21, so I have no comparison, but it's my educated assumption).