Thursday, October 22, 2015

What's in My Backpack?

I'm only in high school, so what's in my backpack reflects that.

The Backpack:
I use The North Face Women's Surge Backpack in TNF Black and Luminous Pink, which I can only find at Dick's Sporting Goods (aka not on The North Face's website).
Purchase here

The Laptop Compartment:
In the laptop sleeve, I keep my laptop and a folder of all my important papers. I also keep my MintGreen agenda and a pencil pouch in that compartment.

The Main Compartment:
This is where I keep my textbooks and binders, should I bring any home. I also keep my extension cord and wallet there for easy access.

The Small Compartment With Lots of Zippers
In the mesh pocket, I keep my charger and I don't really use the compartment for anything else, other than occasionally my index cards, especially around midterms and finals.

The Front Pockets
I keep my personal products in the horizontal pocket because it's actually very deep. One vertical pocket has my calculator and the other has my external hard drive and phone.

There's a ton of room, but you have to know how to access it. I used to put all of my textbooks and binders in the laptop compartment because I did not realize that the section directly in front was meant to expand and hold more. Now I keep either a notebook or my smallest textbook in the laptop compartment, should I need to bring anything home. It's also helped with my back. My old Swiss Gear made my back hurt almost all the time, but my TNF has yet to cause me pain. Fingers crossed!

That's all I have today! I hope you enjoyed it! I'm sorry if I don't post regularly as I just found out I have mono. I'm very tired, especially since I'm still attending school, so posting is likely going to wind up on the back burner for awhile.